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Andrea Zaras

Head of Content Management
TV2Media Group Zrt

Andrea Zaras is the Head of Content Management at TV2Media Group Zrt. She has over 25 years of diverse industry experience in public and commercial television across both broadcast and cable delivery platforms.

Shortly after starting her content development journey with Duna TV in 1995, Andrea joined RTL in 1997 where she spent more than 13 years with one of Hungary’s first private broadcasters. She started as an Acquisitions Assistant and, within a few years, became Acquisitions Manager responsible for finished programs as well as format acquisitions.

After the launch of MTVA in 2011, Andrea became Head of Acquisitions and was responsible for local and foreign acquisitions on behalf of all Hungarian public TV channels. She joined TV2 in 2017 as Head of Content Management and became responsible for the selection and programming of TV2 and its 10 thematic channels. The portfolio was expanded with 3 new thematic channels in 2019. Since 2020, she has also supervised the acquisition team. Early this year, her team took over the program planning of the Slovenian Planet TV group channels. In addition to finished programs, she oversees format acquisitions and is extremely proud that some of the formats she believed in, like DANCING WITH THE STARS or the recently launched CASH OR TRASH, became popular and successful programs in Hungary.


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