Advisory Board

Georgi Chakarov

President & CEO

Georgi Chakarov is president and CEO of TVBIZZ Group, which includes the companies CEETV and TVBIZZ. CEETV operates the leading news and market intelligence platform for television in Central and Eastern Europe— It was founded in 2009 and tracks the key trends and developments in all countries from the region, from Albania to Ukraine.

TVBIZZ is the largest supplier of news from the international TV industry, covering Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia & New Zealand South and North America. It’s also the publisher of TVBIZZ Magazine and co-organizer of Pitch & Play LIVE!, a major industry competition that chooses the best format coming out of CEE every year.

Georgi is a polyglot and speaks languages including English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Ukrainian. He likes to change his residence often and has lived in the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Greece and Ukraine, besides his home country of Bulgaria. 

Speaking on: KEYNOTE: CEE Breakout Hits,COMPETITION: Pitch & Play LIVE!


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